Savanta's Sustainability Eco Segmentation 2022/23.

"The cost-of-living crisis has affected all of our lives, but long-term the biggest impacts may be on the very world we live in."

Our new Sustainability Segmentation report explores the growing trend towards the more green-conscious consumer in the UK, revealing how prevalent it is and identifying the extent to which green consciousness translates into action.

The study surveyed over 10,000 respondents in the UK, US and Canada, exploring where consumers and employees sit on the ‘green spectrum’ across different categories and aspects of their lives, related to their attitudes/intentions and crucially action.

Our segmentation will enable brands to:
  • Distil sustainability into specific actions that hold the most value and behavioural motivation for customers
  • Create business strategies that connect to core customer values
  • Track segments over time to update strategies as segments evolve
  • Link the segmentation to your CRM database to connect insight to action
  • Plug the segmentation into other behavioural/brand data sources