Savanta Essentials

Prove your genius - The research & insight tools you need to win the pitch, deliver successful campaigns and prove your genius.

Remove the guesswork and refine your work to wow clients, colleagues and customers.

  • Pitch Winner: Gain confidence and credibility for your pitch
    with same-day validation from consumers.
  • Brand Tracking: Simple but smart tracking of your brand
    across all the major metrics you need. 
  • Concept Test: Evaluate your ideas and identify the winning
    concepts to outsmart your competition.
  • Creative Test: Prove your creative works before you release it, with fast testing on your target market.
  • Campaign Evaluation: Demonstrate the ROI of your campaign, by measuring uplifts in awareness, perceptions & behaviours, including purchase intent.
  • Stakeholder Perceptions: Understand sentiment and priorities to build effective stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • Employee Experience: Build and test effective strategies that drive employee engagement and retain top talent.

Savanta Essentials is a modular suite of research products offering a low cost, high value alternative to traditional research and insights.