Savanta live: a suite of online and mobile research tools

Technology is continually opening opportunities in the world of research, allowing us more ways to connect and communicate with participants than ever before.

In response, we’ve developed Savanta Live: an approach developed by our team of expert researchers, which outlines eight alternative online research methodologies, traditionally thought of as being confide to the ‘offline’ space.

Here's just a few reasons why you should go 'live'...

Real-time: we know people mostly behave irrationally, so removing post-rationalisation when exploring journeys, pain points and user experiences is crucial if we are to get a genuine read on what drives behavior in store, online etc.

Flexible: the beauty of online and mobile is its ability to mould around the needs of clients and other participants. It’s quick, agile, adaptable, and content and events can happen or be accessed anywhere, at any time. 

Extensive reach: due to time and budget restrictions research programs can be ponderous and narrow in terms of scope. Shifting to online allows you to add scale through the inclusion of more people, in more places, more quickly.

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