Recovery & resilience of UK businesses: 
The story 12 months on

Join us on Tuesday 30th November at 9.00am as we host our latest webinar, exploring how UK businesses are readjusting in a post-pandemic world and the implications of Brexit.

Our webinar will draw on data to highlight:

 1. A challenging business landscape impacting financial resilience

  • Long-term impact of Covid-19
  • Brexit and impact on bottom line
  • Government confidence

2. What does the new normal look like?

  • Hybrid business practices
  • Attracting talent
  • Future of business travel

 3. Driving diversification and business confidence

  • Navigating Brexit
  • Future proofing businesses
  • Changing technological needs

Graeme Cade: EVP, Savanta
James Rentoul, Director, Savanta

Helena Page, Associate Director, Savanta